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I stopped using this journal a few months ago. I kept the journal open in case anyone came across it, but lately I have been getting random spam and stupid nonsensical comments on old posts, so I am making it friends only. I am still on Live Journal, but using my other journal now.

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September 2008

101 goals in 1001 days (1/1/07-9/28/09)

1. Adopt a child
2. Be on the way towards my Masters, or have completed it
3. Sew the Isabelle de Valois gown
4. Visit Versailles
5. DONE -- Get involved in Regency dance or reenactment again
6. Sew a full Elizabethan for David (Canions, slops, jerkin, doublet, cape)
7. Visit the Victoria and Albert museum
8. Sew the Eleanor de Toledo dress with the Spanish underdoublet/sleeves
9. Attempt a doublet for David using the style of the above underdoublet
10. DONE -- Visit Stonehenge
11. Visit Brighton, specifically the Royal Pavillion
12. DONE -- Bring my doggies to England
13. Work out regularly
14. Lose 20 pounds
15. Learn French (conversational)
16. Learn German (conversational)
17. Learn Italian (conversational)
18. Learn Spanish (conversational)
19. DONE -- Completely unpack sewing room/fabric at new house in England
20. Go through my clothes and donate to charity
21. Visit the Louvre
22. Visit Venice
23. Attend the Jane Austen Festival in Bath
24. Visit Rome again
25. Visit the Alhambra
26. Visit southern Spain
27. DONE -- Learn to make patterns by draping (toile)
28. DONE -- Visit Westminster Abbey
29. Visit Canterbury Cathedral
30. Visit Chartres Cathedral
31. Visit Notre Dame Cathedral
32. Visit Blenheim Palace
33. Complete costume image database
34. Visit Hever Castle
35. Visit Chenenceaux Chateau
36. Visit Chambord Chateau
37. Visit Chignon Chateau
38. Visit Vaux le Vicomte Chateau
39. See changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace
40. Visit Buckingham Palace when they open it in the summer
41. Go to Betty's Tea House
42. DONE -- Sell the spyder
43. DONE -- Sell the X-Terra
44. Buy a right hand drive car
45. Pay off debts
46. Reduce my caffeine intake (Yeah, right!)
47. DONE -- Find a favorite local pub in England
48. Improve (practice) my embroidery skills
49. Learn to cast metal for jewelrymaking
50. DONE -- Improve (practice) my beading skills
51. Improve (practice) my painting skills (illumination)
52. Buy a really good embroidery machine
53. Upgrade to a better sewing machine (perhaps a professional version)
54. Resume ballroom lessons (this time with David)
55. Sew at least one Regency ball gown for me
56. Sew at least one Regency day dress for me
57. Learn to tailor better so I can do spencers and men's tailcoats
58. Obtain a copy of Jacqueline Herald's book on Italian renaissance clothing
59. Finish my corded italian corset
60. Sew an early Elizabethan "pair of bodies" (corset)
61. Sew a late Elizabethan "pair of bodies" (corset with busk)
62. DONE -- Visit Hampton Court again
63. DONE -- Visit Tower of London again
64. Visit Windsor Castle
65. Visit Euro Disney
66. Visit St. Petersburg
67. DONE -- Learn to drive on the other side of the road
68. DONE -- Change my hairstyle
69. DONE -- Plant flowers at new house in England
70. DONE -- Set up a true guest room at new house in England (no storage allowed!)
71. Visit Germany
72. Visit Morocco
73. Return to the St. Francis Inn in St. Augustine, FL where we were married
74. DONE -- Try to make Robin Netherton's Gothic Fitted Dress
75. Learn to make simple shoes (medieval turnshoes, Regency slippers)
76. Take a cooking class
77. Throw a dinner party at our new house in England
78. Buy or sew a new Christmas tree skirt
79. Visit the British Museum
80. DONE -- Visit the National Gallery in London
81. Visit Sandringham Palace
82. Visit Vienna
83. Take a European cruise
84. See the aurora borealis
85. Finish the overall design of the Elizabethan game
86. Finish maps for the Elizabethan game
87. DONE -- Start going to church regularly
88. Have tea at the Ritz
89. Visit York Minster
90. DONE -- Visit the Cotswolds
91. Visit Tuscany/Florence again
92. Visit the Prado museum in Madrid
93. DONE -- See Wicked
94. Visit Richmond Castle
95. Visit Palace of Holyrood House
96. DONE -- Visit Chatsworth (Estate that inspired Pemberly of Pride and Prejudice)
97. Visit Warwick Castle
98. DONE -- Visit Banquet Hall of Whitehall
99. Sew new kirtles
100. Learn to make linen/wool stockings/hosen
101. Keep my blog active through the 1001 days


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